Ganyu Large Wall Scrolls

Genshin Impact Ganyu Large Wall Scrolls


  • Ganyu Anime Wall Scrolls
  • Ganyu Large Wall Scrolls
  • Genshin Impact Wall Scrolls
  • Material: Art canvas, Oil painting canvas, White canvas
  • Wall scroll: Black plastic scroll, Aluminum alloy scroll
  • Size: 60X180 cm
  • Printing: Single-sided printing | Thermal Transfer Technology
  • Packaging: Paper tube

Custom Wall Scrolls
We accept one-piece customization and NSFW pictures are supported.

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Fabric Comparison

Three kinds of materials to make the scroll colors much clearer and richer, very suitable for hanging on the wall.

Art canvas

With 150D chemical fiber as the substrate, the waterproof art canvas adopts waterproof ink-absorbing coating with bright colors and perfect draping effect. The cloth feels bump texture with the imported waterproof matte coating, it owns bright colors and high cost performance.

Oil painting canvas

With strong effect and bright colors, the oil painting canvas can be used for the production of simulated oil paintings, the interior decoration, wedding photo production, commodity exhibition display and advertising. The cloth is thick with more intense bump texture and excellent pattern lines and layerings.

White canvas

The white canvas has perfect draping effect, no curling, soft and smooth texture, no light reflection, strong compatibility, bright colors, high image resolution and good waterproof performance, so it’s  the best scroll material at present. The fabric is white and delicate, soft and smooth with perfect pattern fineness and full colors, it’s the high-grade fabric to make the wall scrolls.

Wall Scrolls Size

Multiple sizes: 40X60 | 60X90 | 60X180 cm

Wall Scrolls Materials

Two wall scrolls materials are available: Black plastic scroll, Aluminum alloy scroll

Aluminum alloy scroll

Black plastic scroll

Thickened paper tube is adopted for the package to effectively avoid damage to the scrolled paintings.


Do not wash with water, and keep it away from direct sunlight at home. It’s recommended to place  it on the clean, cool and dry wall.

Do not touch rough goods;

Keep away from sharp objects such as scissors and needles;



Canvas Material

Art Canvas, Oil Painting Canvas, White Canvas

Wall Scroll Materials

Aluminum alloy scroll, Black Plastic Scroll